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It’s Not Too Late for a Mountain Drive!

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Mild Fall weather in the Mountains and the government shutdown of national parks are making it so the changing of the leaves will be more enjoyable later, rather than sooner, this year. The Goverment Shutdown is Making Mountain Travel Difficult Can you believe it? That blasted govement shutdown actually forced the Blue Ridge Parkway to close down all the visitor centers, picnic areas, and even campgrounds. Discover additional resources on our affiliated portfolio by visiting blowing rock nc real estate. As another "added benefit," The Great Smokies National Park has also been shut down for sixteen days. When the shutdown started, all of the rangers there were immediately put on Furlow. There was just a bit of good news in that the park had an infusion of 75K from North Carolina and 305K from Tennesse. This allowed the Great Smokies National Park to open up for five days. Push Your Trip Back to Late Fall Even in parks that are open, visitors may find more value in a later autumn visit. Let's diverge for a bit and dicuss science. Every night has actually had such mild temperatures that the trees are still producing chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is, of course, the chemical that makes leaves green. The situation here that develops is that the remainly chlorophyll in the leaves covers up carotenoid (chemical that makes the orange hue). As the temperatures drop down into the 40's and 50's, the chlorophyll will disappear. At that point, the orange and yellow shades will show up and we'll have the amazing Fall season. Visit Mount Pisgah and Other Higher Elevations So, should you worry? Seriously. Don't worry too much if you've planned a special trip to see the fall colors. You'll still have a lot of opportunity to see the leaves, especially at the higher elevations where the folliage changes earlier due to the cooler weather. All of the parks and State forests are still open. So you can go on a drive to Mt Pisgah and do a fun hike. The most interesting thing about a fun parkway drive is that, as you drive along, you'll see differnet colors at different elevations. Make sure to bring a sweater or jacket, as the difference in temperature between elevations can be as much as twenty to thirty degrees. Polarized sunglasses also help in enhancing fall colors. Bring along your best camera to take stunning pics! One of the most fun things to do is simply drive to a rocky overlook and snap pictures of friends and the scenery, whether it’s on a smart phone or nice camera. The setting makes everyone look good!. Consider the Blue Ridge Mountain Club Everyone tells their friends how amazing the mountains are after they've been here.Are you interesting in moving to the area? If so, we suggest that you checkout the Blue Ridge Mountain Club. Blue Ridge Mountain Club is actually a huge 6,000 acre community in the Boone, NC and Blowing Rock NC areas. And yes, they have their own amazing hiking trails so you don't have to worry.

Experience the Mountains First Hand - Get out and Drive!

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